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Analyzing the performance of the different algorithms for extracting non-ground points on dense point clouds obtained from high spatial resolution images

Mina Mohammadi; Abbas Kiani

Volume 30, Issue 120 , March 2022, Pages 7-26


  Extended Abstract Introduction DEMs (digital elevation models) are of critical importance in different areas such as land use planning, infrastructural project management, soil science, hydrology and flow direction studies. Across greater spatial scales, their usage is the key for contouring topographic ...  Read More

An assessment on building blocks completion process in the Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI) for using in smart cities

Roghayeh Adabi; Rahim Ali Abbaspour; Alireza Chehreghan

Volume 30, Issue 120 , March 2022, Pages 27-42


  Extended AbstractIntroductionIn recent years, data has become the life-giving force of developing innovations in smart cities all around the world. The up-to-date, availability, and freeness of this data are the deciding factors in their frequent use in smart city projects. Today, different sources of ...  Read More

Buildings extraction in urban areas based on the radar and optical time series data using Google Earth Engine

Hadi Farhadi; Tayebe Managhebi; Hamid Ebadi

Volume 30, Issue 120 , March 2022, Pages 43-63


  Extended Abstract1- IntroductionRemote Sensing (RS), as one of the most efficient mapping technologies, is employed in wide areas due to its speed, cost-effectiveness, monitoring over wide areas and using time series data. So far, several data and methods are used for this purpose. In general, RS active ...  Read More

Investigation of surface deformation of open cast mines using radar interferometry of PS algorithm - Case study: Sangan khof iron ore mine

Mahvash Naddaf; Seyyed Reza Hosseinzadeh; Jose Martin; Naser Hafezi; Mahnaz Jahadi; Kapil Malik

Volume 30, Issue 120 , March 2022, Pages 65-76


  Extended AbstractIntroductionMining (especially surface) is one of the major causes of land and environmental degradation globally. Environmental impacts such as deforestation, landscape degradation, alteration of stream and river morphology, widespread environmental pollution, siltation of water bodies, ...  Read More

Verifying the darkening rate of the sky and modeling the best time of the crescent moon sighting

Seyyed Ghasem Rostami; Hassan Emami

Volume 30, Issue 120 , March 2022, Pages 77-102


  Extended AbstractIntroductionVarious religions, including Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, and Chinese, have utilized lunar calendars for chronology. Methods for forecasting the first sighting of the new lunar crescent existed as early as the Babylonians, and maybe earlier. The Babylonians reasoned that the ...  Read More

Assessing the capacity of geographical areas facing threats to energy infrastructure from the perspective of passive defense

Majid Fakhri; Amin Faraji; Mehdi Aliyan

Volume 30, Issue 120 , March 2022, Pages 103-120


  Extended Abstract Introduction In recent years, protecting infrastructure, especially critical infrastructure, has become increasingly important because the economy of a region and the well-being of its inhabitants depend on the continuous and reliable operation of its infrastructure. These infrastructures ...  Read More

Expanding and spatial patterning analysis in suburban axes of Tehran, Case study: Tehran-Eyvanekey axis

Ilia Laaliniyat; Mousa Kamanroudi Koujori; Tajeddin Karami

Volume 30, Issue 120 , March 2022, Pages 121-137


  Extended AbstractIntroductionThe third millennium has been called the age of urbanization and the urban population is expected to reach about 6.25 billion by 2050. The United Nations also estimates that the urban population of developing regions will grow at an average annual rate of about 2.02 percent, ...  Read More

Estimation of Precipitable Water Vapor (PWV) using learning-based methods in north-west of Iran

Seyyed Reza Ghaffari-Razin; Navid Hooshangi

Volume 30, Issue 120 , March 2022, Pages 139-155


  Extended AbstractIntroductionThe Earth's atmosphere (atmosphere) is divided into concentric layers with different chemical and physical properties. To study wave propagation, two layers called the troposphere and ionosphere are considered. The troposphere is the lowest part of the Earth's atmosphere ...  Read More

Introducing a new method based on SMQT algorithm for aerial image detection

Seyed Mehdi Yavari; Zahra Azizi

Volume 30, Issue 120 , March 2022, Pages 157-169


  Extended AbstractIntroductionLack of uniform light radiation on the objects, reduces the amount of contrast in the images and makes it difficult to extract image features. This problem destroys information about the behavior, shape, size, pattern, texture, and tone of the effects, and compresses the ...  Read More

The evaluation of biological watershed management measures effect on flood susceptibility - Case study: Pardisan watershed in Qom province

Elham Forootan

Volume 30, Issue 120 , March 2022, Pages 171-186


  Extended AbstractIntroduction. Floods are natural disasters which occurrence causes annual great damage to people and environment around the world. So, specifying flood susceptible land is a necessity to reduce and control destructive impacts. Watershed management implementations could affect runoff ...  Read More

Descriptive characteristics of the Tropopause on Iran's atmosphere in summer and winter seasons

Hossein Asakereh; Mohammad Darand; Sayed Abolfazl Masoodian; Soma Zandkarimi

Volume 30, Issue 120 , March 2022, Pages 187-200


  Extended AbstractIntroductionThe tropopause is a thin layer separating the stratosphere from the troposphere and is often characterized by a large change in the thermal, mass and chemical structure of the atmosphere.Compared to global studies on the tropopause and its various features, studies conducted ...  Read More

Elevation of suitable areas for wheat cultivation in Bagheh plain of Shush city using multi-criteria decision making method

Zeinab Zaheri Abdehvand; Marzieh Mokarram; Fatemeh Meskini Vishkaei

Volume 30, Issue 120 , March 2022, Pages 201-216


  Extended Abstract Introduction Ecological agricultural zoning is a tool for proper assessment of land resources, better planning and management of cultivation in order to achieve sustainable agriculture.  Due to the importance of Khuzestan province in the country's agriculture and the strategic ...  Read More