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Automation in Cartography

Mahdi Modiri

Volume 6, Issue 24 , February 1997, Pages 2-6

  Computer can be programmed in order to draw maps at different graphic levels with the help of various output systems including printers, plotters and display systems. These automatic graphic machines share one attitude: they carry out whole or part of drawing with reliable speed and accuracy several ...  Read More

Determination of the "Jämijärvi" Open (Baseline) Length for Adjustment of Electronic Spacers

Majid Mokhtarani (Translator)

Volume 6, Issue 24 , February 1997, Pages 7-19

  Today, despite the emergence of precise surveying devices for ranging, including its more advanced type, namely GPS, the question still remains about the accuracy of such machines. Possibly accurate measurement is not necessary in many ordinary surveying works, but in fine works it is necessary that ...  Read More

Strategy for Management of Housing Resources and Planning

Mohammad Mosayyebi

Volume 6, Issue 24 , February 1997, Pages 20-23

  Based on the reports published in global health magazines, about one-fourth of people of the world are deprived of suitable shelter, and a hundred million people have no house and lie in streets, under bridges and in other improper places. Therefore, housing is a global problem, and it is certain that ...  Read More

GIS in Seamanship

Hamid Bahiraei

Volume 6, Issue 24 , February 1997, Pages 24-27

  In order to carry out marine military maneuvers, it is of great importance to have detailed information about what lies on sea’s bed or even lower. Today there is a kind of competition over establishing a type of connection by which the information can be transmitted between ships and the shore ...  Read More

Mangrove, the Ornament of the Qeshm Island

Abbas Khosravi

Volume 6, Issue 24 , February 1997, Pages 28-33

  Mangrove is a tree with natural form, ornamental fruits, beautiful leaves, well-shaped branches and pleasant blossoms which has grown under special conditions in sea water in the Qeshm Island. The crest of these trees rarely appears during water’s high tide, and their lower parts which usually ...  Read More

The Sun

Fatemeh Razi'ee (Translator)

Volume 6, Issue 24 , February 1997, Pages 34-38

  Energy is released at the center of the Sun. This energy moves toward the surface of the Sun, and is spread in space as light and heat. The surface of the Sun is called Photosphere. There are dark spots on the Sun which are called Sunspots. There are thin gaseous layers above this celestial body which ...  Read More

A Geographic Analysis About the Necessity of Changing the Current Fashion of Nomadism in Iran into Transhumance

Nasrallah Mowlaei Hashjin

Volume 6, Issue 24 , February 1997, Pages 39-46

  Our country, due to its special geographic position, especially the location of its north and northeastern borders which have been gates for entrance of nomadic tribes, has been affected by the phenomenon of nomadism since early times. Consequently, it is considered as one of the most important areas ...  Read More

Preparation of Thematic Maps Using Satellite Images - Part IV

Hamid Malmirian (Translator)

Volume 6, Issue 24 , February 1997, Pages 47-52

  The progress made over the past three decades in cartography, remote sensing and geographic information systems is due to the necessity of establishing new connections among currently specified technical regulations. Great efforts have been made to realize desirable collection of various cartographic ...  Read More

Estimating Potential Evaporation Using Multi-Variable Regression

Mahdi Nourbakhsh

Volume 6, Issue 24 , February 1997, Pages 53-56

  Evaporation is change of liquid water into vapor. In hydrological cycle, evaporation is a complex phenomenon whose estimation requires great deal of calculations. In this study, it has been tried to present a simple method for calculating potential evaporation, and to calculate evaporation from water ...  Read More

The Concepts of Automatic Aerial Triangulation

Masoud Abedi Pashtiri (Translator)

Volume 6, Issue 24 , February 1997, Pages 57-64

  Digital photo is the basis of digital photogrammetry. Digital photos make automatic measurement possible. One of the tasks in aerial triangulation is the measurement of photos. Organization of the process of measurements is effective in efficiency of aerial triangulation. One of the advantages of digital ...  Read More