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Remote Sensing (RS)
Identifying the active tectonic areas of the eastern Caspian coast using radar remote sensing

Mohamad Fathollahzadeh; Mojtaba Yamani; Abolghasem Goorabi; Mehran Maghsoudi; Mernoosh Ghadimi

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 20 April 2024


  Extended Abstract Introduction: The landforms created by tectonic processes are studied by morphotectonics, in other words, morphotectonics is the science of applying geomorphic principles in solving tectonic problems. Quantitative landscape measurements are usually based on the calculation of geomorphic ...  Read More

Geographic Data
Monitoring changes in wind speed and their effect on the displacement of sand dunes in the Lut Desert

Mehran Maghsoudi; Mohamad Fathollahzadeh; Hamid Ganjaeian

Volume 30, Issue 118 , September 2021, , Pages 113-126


  Extended Abstract Introduction Surface winds move and transport soil particles on the ground and thus, affect the intensity of erosion to a great degree (Tage Din et al, 1986: 118). Various studies have found a decreasing trend for surface wind speed in different parts of the world in recent years. ...  Read More

Evaluating and zoning East Kurdistan Geosites -Case Study: Qorveh and Bijar Countries

Mehran Maghsoudi; Hamid Ganjaeian; Lila Garosi; Anvar Moradi

Volume 27, Issue 107 , December 2018, , Pages 133-148


  Extended abstract Introduction Geomorphology tourism or geotourismis one of the areas ofmodern studies in geoscience and tourism studies based on the identification of geomorphosites or special geomorphological sites. Geomorphosites are of new concepts that have entered the tourism literature with ...  Read More

Investigating theancient environmental conditions of ovoid Yardangsin Lut Desert using Granulometry

Mehran Maghsoudi; Abdolhosein Hajizadeh; Mohammad Ali Nezam mahaleh; Zeinab Bayati Sedaghat

Volume 24, Issue 96 , March 2016, , Pages 51-64


  The Lut Desert is in the southeast of Kerman province and one of the largest deserts of the world, which is one of the world’s driest and hottest places.Granulometric analysis of sediments can indicate the characteristics of the old formative processes and the morphology of landforms. Yardangs ...  Read More

Geotourism, a New Key to the Development of Tourism Industry in Iran

Mehran Maghsoudi; Bahram Nekouei Sadri

Volume 16, Issue 64 , February 2008, , Pages 61-64

  Geotourism, as a subcategory of ecotourism, has, along with other tourism areas such as rural, cultural, etc., a potential for employment of a great number of related professionals. This industry can have an effective role in the economic development of the country, which is why tourism industry is considered ...  Read More

Geomorphologic Studies Using IRS Data

Mehran Maghsudi; Hamid Bidi

Volume 16, Issue 62 , August 2007, , Pages 77-79

  India has a vast coastal area of ​​about 7,500 km long with a vast store of sandy minerals such as ilmenite, rutile, zircon, monazite, silimanite and garnet. The purpose of this study is to provide map of coastal land forms using multi-spectral remote sensing in order to be able to identify areas ...  Read More

A Study of Methods for Data Classification in Choropleth Maps (Case Study: Preparation of Population Concentration Map of Iran)

Mehran Maghsudi; Sepideh Zandieh

Volume 16, Issue 61 , May 2007, , Pages 35-38

  Today, almost all reports, scholarly research and applied projects that somehow deal with the dispersion of geographic phenomena use thematic maps. In the European countries production of thematic maps go back to the 17th century, but in our country, the preparation of these maps began with the compilation ...  Read More