The journal of Geographical Data (SEPEHR) is ranked first among the Ministry of Defense's scientific publications.

The research Journal of Geographical Data (SEPEHR), in line with effective scientific, research and technical steps to improve the geographicalscience and technology, has tried to provide the conditions for the realization to some degree of the most prominent aspects of the exchange of scientific works and achievements amongstprofessors, researchers and students.

With the Lord Almighty’s help; leadership and guidance of honorable members of the editorial board, distinguished professors, high commanders of the armed forces, renowned scholars and studentsin the armed forces, universities and higher education institutions of the country, respectable enthusiasts of the field,and collective efforts ofscientific and technical personnel of the journal, this journal has so far created suitable atmosphere of scientific and research dialogue by publishing close to 1300 scientific papers (research, compilation and original authorship) through about 100 issues in twenty five period.
The research journal "Geographical Data (SEPEHR)" has continued activity since 2014 by gaining scientific and research credence from the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, and in this year (December 2016) has succeeded in obtaining the first rank amongst the scientific papers of Ministry of Defense, and top rank at the General Staff of the Armed Forces.