Paper publication ethics in the Scientific- Quarterly of "Geographical Data (SEPEHR)"

In Geographic Data (SEPEHR) Journal, it is intended to reflect new results of the studies and investigations of researchers in various branches of geomatics, and to prevent the examination and admission of papers that have previously been published elsewhere or that take advantage of others’ efforts.
 The type of papers' examination in the journal is "Double Blind Peer Review," so that the author and the examiner are anonymous for each other. The authors do not pay for the submission and publication of the paper in the magazine, and the publisher is responsible for all printing costs. A number of free copies of journals are sent to universities and academic and scientific centers related to geomatic sciences throughout the country. Furthermore, online version of papers are freely accessible on the journal’s website. (Open Access).

The scientific publication "Geographical Data (SEPEHR)" is in compliance with ethics and laws of scientific publications, and in cases of plagiarism or acting against previous obligations (for example, removing or adding author's name or use of Information from other organizations without permission) will follow the guidelines of the Cope (Committee on Publication Ethics) to deal with the culprits.

In order to prevent plagiarism, the authors are required to fill out the authorship commitment form in which the authors confirm the following commitments:

1- All persons who have been named as participants in this paper have contributed to this research activity, and the rights of all individuals who have participated in the implementation of this research have been duly considered.

2. This paper has not previously been published in another publication, and will not be sent to any other publication until the result of the examination by the journal of "Geographical Data (SEPEHR)" is declared to the authors.

3. During the implementation of this research and the preparation of the article, all national laws and professional ethics related to the subject of research, including observance of the rights of studied subjects, related organizations and institutions as well as authors and writers have been fulfilled.