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Scientific - Research Quarterly of
Geographical Data (SEPEHR)

Scientific-research journal of "Geographical Data (SEPEHR)" welcomes the scientific papers of professors, students and distinguished experts in the following fields:
Geographic information; extraction, processing, production and display of geographic data; surveying; remote sensing (RS); geographic information system (GIS); geodesy; hydrography ; gravimetry; aerial photography; issues of the border regions of the country; military and police geography; Land administration according to defense considerations; territorial status and security of border areas.
Papers will be published after approval by the editorial board and examiners.
Dear researchers,

please pay attention to the following points before deciding to submit a paper:
- Widespread enthusiasm of professors and distinguished scholars to contribute to the journal through submitting valuable papers of scholarly research is commendable.
- The Geographic Data (SEPEHR)Journal is published quarterly, and is intended to provide on each issue with a balanced combination of papers on fields of extraction, production, processing and analysis of geographical data, along with providing geographical information.
- number of submissions in different fields varies significantly according to the number of experts and researchers active in the field:
• Submitted papers on urban, rural and political geography, climatology and geomorphology are currently in very great numbers, and consequently, their process of examination and publication have become lengthy .
• Papers on aerial photography, geodesy and gravimetry are relatively less frequent, and will therefore have shorter process of examination and publication.
So, researchers who have time limitations concerning the confirmation or publication of their valuable papers are recommended to select the Journal of Geographical Data(SEPEHR), or other publications, with above conditions in mind.

About the journal: 

  • Publisher: National Geographical Organization
  • Acceptance rate: 19%
  • Review time: 12 weeks
  • Frequency: quarterly
  • Open access: Yes
  • Policy: blind peer-reviewed
  • Indexed and Abstracted: yes
  • Abstracts available in: persian and English 
  • Article Processing Charges: No
  • Contact email: info@sepehr.org


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