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Investigation and Analysis of Precipitation Mechanism in Golestan Plain

Esma'il Shahkouii

Volume 19, Issue 76 , February 2011, , Pages 89-94

  Precipitation as one of the climatic elements is an appropriate index for climate change. Precipitation in the studied years and the years before and after it shows the instability and the many fluctuations whose prediction, based on the probable precipitation formulas in hydrology, is very simple, important ...  Read More

Study of Evaporation and its Amount in the East of the Caspian Sea (Gorgan Plain)

Esma'eil Shahkou'ei

Volume 8, Issue 31 , November 2009, , Pages 56-61

  In this study, using the statistical information of twenty-one years (during the period of 1964-1985) available in ten meteorological stations in Gorgan Province, the trend of potential evapotranspiration has been calculated according to various formula by the help of computer programs. In addition, ...  Read More

Geographic Diffusion Theory and Prophetic Tradition

Isma'il Shahkou'ii

Volume 15, Issue 60 , February 2006, , Pages 44-47

  Diffusion means dissemination, expansion, dispersion and mixture. Hagerstrand considers the six factors of domain or environment, time, subject, origin, destination, and the path of the origin of phenomena and innovations as the main factors in Percolation Theory’s analysis of the process of geographic ...  Read More

Study and Analysis of Wind in Golestan Plain

Esmaeil Shahkouei

Volume 13, Issue 52 , February 2004, , Pages 53-55

  In this paper, which studies the state of winds in the Golestan plain, the information of sixteen years (1969 to 1985) of Hashem Abad synoptic station of Gorgan were used.In order to better understand the data related to information processing and statistical analysis, the average number of times of ...  Read More

Study of Golestan Province's Waters

Esmaeil Shahkouei

Volume 12, Issue 48 , February 2003, , Pages 33-38

  Golestan province has a favorable climate due to its geographical location, weather conditions, land lay, relatively vast vegetation and quantities of available water.The average precipitation of the province is approximately 3 times the average precipitation of the country. The total volume of surface ...  Read More

Examination of Flood in the East of Golestan Province

Esmaeil Shahkouei

Volume 11, Issue 42 , August 2002, , Pages 27-33

  Flood means a sudden overflow of water due to hydro-climatic and hydrological conditions, severe rains, and damages to dams in different areas of the earth.Evidence suggests that life and financial losses caused by flood are more than other natural disasters. Today the estimation of maximum flood and ...  Read More

Examination of the Role of Optimum and Absolute Temperatures in Soybean's Performance (Jole in Gorgan)

Esmaeil Shahkouei

Volume 11, Issue 41 , May 2002, , Pages 35-40

  It is clear that determining the type of product of each area and agricultural planning depend on the climate. One of the characteristics of climate change is temperature variation. The direct effect of heat on the distribution and dispersion of plants over the earth is certain. The sensitivity of plants ...  Read More

An Overview of Natural Landscape in Golestan Province

Esma'eil Shahkouei

Volume 10, Issue 37 , May 2001, , Pages 24-30

  Geography is a science that is of interest to all human beings; enthusiasts of geography are people who intend to leave isolation and consider their surroundings. They want to know their lives and have a human and constructive relationship with that environment and its people.If the sun did not set in ...  Read More

Climatic Classification of the East of the Gorgan Plain

Esma'il Shahkouei

Volume 8, Issue 29 , May 1999, , Pages 58-64

  In this research it has been tried to form a common statistical basis based on available statistical data for studied stations. Then, using the average of meteorological data for a period of twenty-one years (1964-1985) and various coefficients and formula for climatic classification, Gorgan Province’s ...  Read More