Goals of  Geographical Data (SEPEHR) Journal

  • Establishing suitable conditions for the exchange of knowledge and scientific achievements amongst professors, students and experts in geomatic sciences and geography
  • Continuous promotion of technical knowledge and the quality of products and services and provision of an atmosphere of innovation and creativity
  • Creating appropriate conditions for training employees and users of geomatics and geography
  • Reflection of efforts and inventions to help provide synergy in the field of geomatic and geography research.
  • Specialized reporting on geomatics and introduction of the country’s scientific-technical capabilities and recent achievements.

Journal Scope

The Journal of "Geographical Data (SEPEHR)" welcomes the scientific papers of professors, students and distinguished experts in the following areas:

  • Geographic information;
  • extraction, processing, production and display of geographic data;
  • surveying; remote sensing (RS);
  • geographic information system (GIS);
  • geodesy;
  • hydrography;  
  • Gravimetry;
  • aerial photography;
  • issues of the border regions of the country;
  • military and police geography;
  • spatial planning with regard to military defense;
  • territorial conditions
  • security of border areas

Article Types