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Combination of GIS and GPS: Emergence of a New Technology out of Combination of Three Systems (Remote Sensing, GPS, GIS)

Fatemeh Razi'ei (Translator)

Volume 8, Issue 31 , November 2009, , Pages 62-64

  Geo-informatics is defined as a multi-purpose science dealing with measurement, recording, analysis and presentation of geographical data. Such land information is collected by RS, GIS and GPS. Each one of these three technologies, or each two of them, when combined with the other, create the new 3S ...  Read More

Scientific Report of Assessment of ERS-1 SAR Data in Topographic Surveying

Fatemeh Razi'ei (Translator)

Volume 8, Issue 29 , May 1999, , Pages 30-41

  OEEPE has participated in preparation and implementation of tests for comparison of different geocoding methods, ERS-1 SPR data and application of geocoded SAR. ESA has presented data and confirmed the tests. DRL has collected and distributed data. EFAE presented other data of the second phase of project; ...  Read More

Grid-Based Analysis in Land Use Planning

Fatemeh Razi'ee

Volume 7, Issue 27 , November 1998, , Pages 24-26

  Raster-based processing seems to be a powerful tool for land use planners. Collection of information, processing and visualization are much easier in this system in comparison with other vector systems. All visual maps, plans and drawings can be precisely scanned and shaped into desirable forms. Grid-based ...  Read More

Preparation of Maps of the Greatest Earthquake of Recent Times

Fatemeh Razi'ee

Volume 7, Issue 25 , May 1998, , Pages 61-64

  In January 17, 1995, five hours after occurrence of the greatest earthquake that crushed the city of Kobe (a coastal city of Japan), photographic airplanes flew over the damaged areas. They took about two thousand aerial photos from an area of about five thousand square kilometers including Kobe, Awaji ...  Read More

Astronomical Imaginations

Fatemeh Razi'ee

Volume 7, Issue 28 , February 1998, , Pages 28-34

  Astronomical reflections are indeed stories of astronomical optical (visible through emitting light) bodies which are extinguished, leaving behind only a nice memory. In this chapter, we deal with a type of telescope-based astronomy which is not possible to practice with naked eyes. It concerns the images ...  Read More

Application of GIS in Landscape Planning

Fatemeh Razi'ee (Translator)

Volume 6, Issue 23 , November 1997, , Pages 42-45

  Geographic information systems have gained increasing importance in environmental planning, examination of environment’s effects and landscape planning. The main reason for this fact is the need for environmental planning in order to perform comparison of different sets of data related to an area ...  Read More

Study of Soil and its Erosion Around the World

Fatemeh Razi'ee

Volume 6, Issue 21 , May 1997, , Pages 4-7

  Soil and erosion information are among the most valuable data for environmentalists and supporters of development of agricultural activities. However, there are still no standards regarding data collection. Currently, a project is being conducted that is aimed at gaining data related to the world’s ...  Read More

The Sun

Fatemeh Razi'ee (Translator)

Volume 6, Issue 24 , February 1997, , Pages 34-38

  Energy is released at the center of the Sun. This energy moves toward the surface of the Sun, and is spread in space as light and heat. The surface of the Sun is called Photosphere. There are dark spots on the Sun which are called Sunspots. There are thin gaseous layers above this celestial body which ...  Read More

Birth of a Star

Fatemeh Razi'ee (Translator)

Volume 5, Issue 17 , May 1996, , Pages 62-64

  Stars have incredibly long life spans by human standards, but they are not eternal. The sun is a middle-aged star (in the middle part of its lifetime). Previous generations of stars have lived and died, and new stars are still born in our galaxy. The stars are formed by the collapse of gas clouds due ...  Read More

Matching Strategies for point Transfer

Fatemeh Razi'ee (Translator)

Volume 5, Issue 20 , February 1996, , Pages 45-50

  This paper discusses the main aspects of automatic transfer of points as a basis for determination of justification parameters of digital images. The selection of points, techniques of forming digital models, role of approximate values, structure of image and existing conditions have been discussed, ...  Read More

Urban Applications of GIS

Fatemeh Razi'ee (Translator)

Volume 4, Issue 16 , February 1995, , Pages 12-21

  This paper presents the role of GIS in urban planning and its applications at the San Diego Association of Governments. SANDAG is an example where planning strategies are based on short and long term information. Therefore, the principles that characterize it are compatible with the state of many urban ...  Read More