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Geographic Information System (GIS)
Spatio-temporal analysis of accidents along Kandovan road using Geostatistical methods

Jalal Samia; Manouchehr Ranjbar Shoobi; Amer Nikpour

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 14 March 2024


  Extended abstract Introduction Visiting Mazandaran province could be a fascinating and memorable trip due to its amazing natural touristic attractions such as Caspian Sea and mount Damavand. The three main roads naming Kandovan, Haraz and Firoozkooh can be used to access Mazandaran province. Among ...  Read More

Extraction, processing, production and display of geographic data
The locating potential areas of urban shelters based on passive defense principles -Case study: Ilam City

Mahdi Ebrahimi Boozani; Asghar Norouzi; Hengameh Khaksar

Volume 32, Issue 127 , December 2023, , Pages 133-150


  Extended AbstractIntroductionPassive defense refers to a set of non-armed actions and activities which reduces the vulnerability of buildings, manpower, facilities, equipment, funds and vital arteries of the country against destructive and hostile operations of the enemy as well as natural disasters ...  Read More

Geographic Data
Utilizing the combined approach of GIS and ANP - DEMATEL method to rank factors affecting the optimal location of urban green spaces - Case study: Masjid Suleiman City

Majid Goodarzi; Farkhondeh Hashemi Ghandali

Volume 32, Issue 127 , December 2023, , Pages 171-185


  Extended AbstractIntroductionUrbanization is a developing phenomenon, and the analysis of the appropriate location and the geographical distribution of urban green space plays a significant role in the development and future of the city. Although in the past, green spaces were primarily manifested in ...  Read More

Remote Sensing (RS)
Evaluation of So2 and No2 concentration in the atmosphere of industrial areas using RS and GIS: Case study of Khatoonabad Copper Smelting Factory, Kerman, Iran

Nazanin Hassanzadeh; Reza Hassanzadeh; Mahdieh Hosseinjanizadeh; Mehdi Honarmand

Volume 32, Issue 125 , June 2023, , Pages 7-27


  Extended AbstractIntroductionAir pollution is one of the most crucial environmental problem in the glob and its impact on human live and ecosystem is undeniable. The International Agency for Research on Cancer introduced air pollution as one of main causes of cancer. Therefore, by monitoring air pollution ...  Read More

Geographic Information System (GIS)
Analysis and identification of effective criteria on the optimal location of temporary settlement after the earthquake -Case study of Kermanshah city

Mohammad hassan Yazdani; Ata GhaffariGilande; Farahnaz Veismoradi

Volume 31, Issue 124 , March 2023, , Pages 149-163


  Extended Abstract1-IntroductionA crisis is a crisis that threatens our country due to special geographical conditions. According to official statistics in the last 29 years, 1% of the country's human casualties were caused by earthquakes, and on average every year an earthquake with a magnitude of 7 ...  Read More

Feasibility study on landfill site selection for Karaj city with sustainable development approach using GIS and the fuzzy AHP method

Abbas Tajaddini; Zahra Sabzi; Ladan Zarif

Volume 31, Issue 123 , December 2022, , Pages 155-177


  Extended Abstract Introduction Determining the landfill site for municipal waste is an important issue in the urban planning process due to its great impact on the economy, ecology and environment of each region. In the process of site locating, it is tried to consider areas with the least risks to the ...  Read More

Presentation a systematic method for identifying and displaying spatial and temporal of hot crime spots: A case study of residential burglary

Sara Haghbayan; Behnam Tashayo; Mehdi Momeni

Volume 31, Issue 121 , June 2022, , Pages 7-22


  Extended Abstract Introduction Today, one of the most complex issues in most countries is the high crime rate and the increase in social anomalies in them. One of these anomalies is residential burglary, which is one of the most widespread crimes in most countries of the world. Because spatial and ...  Read More

Assessing sprawl in coastal areas - Case study: Babolsar

Amer Nikpour; Hamid Amoniya; Sahele Shokri

Volume 31, Issue 121 , June 2022, , Pages 161-175


  Extended Abstract Introduction Sprawl is the process of rapid population growth and spreading of urban developments on undeveloped land near a city with a direct impact on the spatial development which in recent years has become one of the major challenges of cities around the world. Growing population ...  Read More

Elevation of suitable areas for wheat cultivation in Bagheh plain of Shush city using multi-criteria decision making method

Zeinab Zaheri Abdehvand; Marzieh Mokarram; Fatemeh Meskini Vishkaei

Volume 30, Issue 120 , March 2022, , Pages 201-216


  Extended Abstract Introduction Ecological agricultural zoning is a tool for proper assessment of land resources, better planning and management of cultivation in order to achieve sustainable agriculture.  Due to the importance of Khuzestan province in the country's agriculture and the strategic ...  Read More

Flood risk analysis and zoning - Case study: Taleghan Watershed

Farzaneh Sasanpour; Fateme Mohebbi; َAmir hosein Kazem

Volume 30, Issue 119 , December 2021, , Pages 159-173


  Extended Abstract Introduction Floods are natural hazards that cause a lot of financial and human losses every year. Flood zoning plans contain basic and important information in the study of development projects in the world, sobefore any investment or implementation of development plans, they should ...  Read More

Geographic Information System (GIS)
Selecting suitable sites for disposal of oil based drilling waste produced by Iranian Offshore Oil Company (IOOC)in its oil and gas fields in eastern Persian Gulf - Case study: Lavan Island

Mohamad Amin Daneshfar; Mehdi Ardjmand

Volume 30, Issue 118 , September 2021, , Pages 233-246


   Extended AbstractIntroductionSuitable sites for waste disposal must leave the least environmental effects while being executable in various aspects. Combination of AHP and GIS is a popular approach used for selecting suitable waste disposal sites, since AHP classifies and prioritizes selected sites ...  Read More

Spatial zoning of Kabodarahang plain using Fuzzy Logic in geospatial information system for the construction of an underground dam

Morteza Heidarimozaffar; Morteza Shahavand

Volume 30, Issue 117 , June 2021, , Pages 95-110


  Introduction Iran is mostly located in arid and semi-arid regions, and groundwater is its only water resource. The present study introduces a method based on spatial zoning evaluation which takes advantage ofFuzzy Logic and Geospatial Information System to design possible sites for an underground dam, ...  Read More

Analyzing vulnerability of Kermanshah metropolis to earthquake in natural, physical, social and economic dimensions

Esmaeil Aliakbari; Mostafa Taleshi; Mohammadreza Karami; Kioumars Maleki

Volume 30, Issue 117 , June 2021, , Pages 223-249


  Introduction On average, an earthquake with the force of 6 magnitude of the Richter scale hits Iran every year and a 7.0 earthquake strikes the country every ten years. The fact that urban areas face serious damages due to these natural disasters makes it clear ...  Read More

Investigating crop cultivation pattern using remote sensing, GIS and aPatch-Based approach

Moslem Darvishi; Abouzar Ramezani

Volume 29, Issue 116 , March 2021, , Pages 59-75


  Extended Abstract Introduction Due todecreased rainfall and increased groundwater harvesting, our country faces drought. With drastic decline of water levelin lakes and hydroelectric reservoirs, water scarcity is deeply felt. Thus, managers and officials shall find new ways of decreasing waterconsumption ...  Read More

Spatial analysis of urban multi-functional land uses integrating MCDM and GIS methods Case study: Emergency shelter in Saravan City

Kazem Borhani; Ashraf Azimzadeh Irany; Amirhosein Elhami

Volume 29, Issue 116 , March 2021, , Pages 103-118


  Extended Abstract Introduction Emergency shelters built based on multifunctional spaces are one of the main components of crisis management, which is carried out for various purposes by transferring people from hazardous or damaged areas to safe areas. Providing suitable spaces for the accommodation ...  Read More

Spatial analysis of risks in critical infrastructures of Yasuj City

Mostafa Mohamadi dehcheshme; Fereshteh Shanbehpour

Volume 29, Issue 116 , March 2021, , Pages 167-180


  Extended Abstract Introduction                              21st century is the era of cities’vulnerability, since as urban life becomes more complex, ...  Read More

Designing a spatial model for spatial assessment of urban land use based on a crisis management approach - Case Study: District 19 Municipality of Tehran

Nemat Hosseinzadeh; Ali Reza Estelaji; Tahmineh Daniali

Volume 29, Issue 115 , November 2020, , Pages 139-159


  Extended Abstract Introduction The growth and expansion of urbanization in the contemporary era and the emergence of metropolitan areas as places in which large number of people live together and capital and assets are accumulated have recently attracted the attention of many planners, governments and ...  Read More

Designing and implementing a GIS-based model for temporary accommodation planning in the management of earthquake crisis in Babol City

Yasser Ebrahimian Ghajari

Volume 29, Issue 113 , June 2020, , Pages 29-41


  Introduction Natural hazards have always been a part of our surrounding environment and human life would be unimaginable without considering these hazards. With the development of social life, and particularly with urbanization and increasing expansion of cities, the dimensions of such incidents have ...  Read More

Zoning of landslide susceptibility in Rudbar area with LNSF method

Reza Aminataei; Sahar Akhavan; Amirhooshang Nezamivand chegini

Volume 28, Issue 112 , March 2020, , Pages 19-33


  Extended Abstract Introduction Due to mainly mountanous topography, specific geographical conditions, various geological formations, neo tectonical activities, and seismicity, Iran is potantially prone to landslides.Gilan and Roudbar region in the southern part of this province are among areas potentially ...  Read More

Quantifying environmental and human factors affecting occurance and spread of wildfires using RS and GIS methods protected area of Arasbaran

Hassan Emami; Hassan Shahriyari

Volume 28, Issue 112 , March 2020, , Pages 35-53


  Extended Abstract Introduction Forests play numerous critical roles in nature. They stabilize and fertilize soil, purify water and air, store carbon, and nurture environments abundant in biodiversity. Moreover, forests offer numerous job opportunities and hidden wealth toany economy. Unfortunately, wildfires ...  Read More

Landslide hazard zoning using Shannon Entropy and Information Value models in GIS environment - Case study: East Rudbar-e Alamut District-Qazvin Province

Mohammad Fallah Zazuli; Alireza Vafaei Nezhad; Ali Asghar Alesheikh; Mahdi Modiri; Hossein Aghamohammadi

Volume 28, Issue 112 , March 2020, , Pages 123-136


  Extended Abstract Introduction Landslide is one of the most important types of natural disasters,which endangers lives and financial security of many people and destroys environment and natural resources.With the present population growth and expansion of urban areas towardsteep areas and hillsides, ...  Read More

Estimation of sky view factor (SVF)an empirical comparison of interpolation models

Abdolhossein ZarifianMehr; Laala Jahanshahloo; Hossein Zabihi; Bohloul Alijani

Volume 28, Issue 111 , December 2019, , Pages 97-117


  Extended Abstract Introduction Obtaining reliable environmental values in vast geographic areas is usually costly and difficult; therefore, the ability to predict unknown values or in other words, the use of better interpolation methods is very important. Interpolation methods utilize a set of different ...  Read More

Zoning and determining the lands suitability for MSW landfill using AHP-Fuzzy method in GIS environment Case Study: The City of Ghaleh Ganj

Ahmad Pour Ahmad; Seyyed Abbas Rajaei; Mohammad Rahmani Asl

Volume 28, Issue 109 , June 2019, , Pages 107-121


  Introduction  One of the major problems that is noticeable in planning and management of most cities in our country today, is the management of increasing solid waste. The last phase in the management of waste is the final disposal, which has always engaged man. There are different ways for urban ...  Read More

Spatial investigation of oil contamination spread into groundwater resources in Dasht-e-Shazand (Iran) using geostatistical analyst

Sharareh Pourebrahim; Mehrdad Hadipour; Mehdi Mardian; Amir Ansari

Volume 27, Issue 108 , March 2019, , Pages 35-44


  Extended Abstract Introduction  Strategic and important industries are established in areas with possible access to water. Industrial development requires abundant water. Analysis of environmental resources and their pollution is the first consequence of industrial and human activities. Therefore ...  Read More

Integrating Multi-Agent Model and Irregular Cellular Automata to simulate urban growth

Mehrdad Bijandi; Ali Asghar Alesheikh; Abolghasem Sadeghi Niaraki

Volume 27, Issue 108 , March 2019, , Pages 61-76


  Extended Abstract Introduction One of the most important challenges of this era is the rapid growth of urbanization. According to the United Nations report, around 66% of the world’s population, equivalent to 6.4 billion will live in urban areas by the year 2050, while this number was only about ...  Read More