Dear researchers:

- Widespread enthusiasm of professors, scholars, and researchers for contribution to our publication through submitting valuable scientific papers is commendable.
- The Geographic Data (SEPEHR) Journal is published quarterly and is intended to provide with a balanced assortment of articles on varied issues in the fields of extraction, production, processing and analysis of geographic data, along with presentation of geographic information.
- The number of valuable articles submitted in different branches vary significantly according to the number of experts and researchers active in each field:
• Submissions on urban, rural and political geography, climatology and geomorphology are currently so frequent and consequently their process of examination and publication stages have become lengthy, so that they will cover at least eight future issues.

 Articles on aerial photography, geodesy and gravimetry are relatively less frequent, and consequently will require shorter time for examination and publication process.
So, it is recommended that researchers who have considerations about the time of their papers’ acceptance and publication, select journal of Geographic Data (SEPEHR) or other publications with attention to limitations mentioned above.