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Evaluating and measuring the effect of cyberspace on the indices of meaning in urban spaces

Narges Nonejad; Elham Nazemi; Hamid Saberi

Volume 29, Issue 116 , March 2021, , Pages 27-43


  Extended Abstract Introduction The concept of place has long been considered an issue of importance for sociology, anthropology, and human geography. Geography begins with human beings and will not exist without human activities and their effects on the Earth’s surface. Humanistic geographers believe ...  Read More

Investigation on the trend of circadian changes in tropospheric ozone in Isfahan

Abbasali Arvin

Volume 22, Issue 87 , November 2013, , Pages 43-47

  Cluster analysis and trend line comparison were used to investigate the trend of circadian changes in tropospheric ozone in Isfahan. First, we categorized similar changing patterns in the statistical period using cluster analysis. In this regard, circadian changes of ozone were divided into four groups ...  Read More

GIS and RS applications in land use planning (With emphasis on agricultural subsection)in Isfahan province

Ali Zangiabadi; Farahnaz Abolhasani

Volume 22, Issue 86 , June 2013, , Pages 63-73

  System using GIS and RS performed one of the newest methods in land evaluation and land preparations are projects. Therefore, to inform users the full capabilities and limitations of the GIS and RS tools in preparation programs and land management in order to avoid inaccurate assessment will be necessary. ...  Read More

The role of parks and green space in the leisure time of citizens

Jamal Mohammadi; Marzieh Heydaribakhsh

Volume 22, SEPEHR , April 2013, , Pages 87-97

  Growth in urbanism and industry have provided the urban environment with many recreational possibilities and citizens can spend their free time in different clubs, computer game centers, etc. Yet, using natural environment, green space and parks will always be interesting and desirable due to human nature. ...  Read More

Evaluation of green space change trend in Isfahan city in two time intervals using satellite imagery and GIS

Alireza Ma'man push; Reza Tofangsaaz

Volume 20, Issue 79 , November 2011, , Pages 74-77

  The physical development of cities is a dynamic and continuous process that, if unplanned and rapid, will endanger urban systems. Undoubtedly, green space and urban environment are amongst the most important factors in the sustainability of natural and human life in modern urbanization. In addition to ...  Read More

Investigating the Ecosystem and Biogeography of Kolahghazi National Park

Saeedeh Javanmardi; Alireza Pourkhabbaz; Hamidreza Pourkhabbaz

Volume 18, Issue 70 , August 2009, , Pages 48-53

  Today, nature reserves are scattered around the world and the process of their establishment has gradually taken place. In most third world countries including Iran, habitat destruction and illegal hunting are among the main problems in the areas under management. Thus, in order to counteract the process ...  Read More

Gardens of Isfahan and Their Tourist Attractions

Hassan Gharahnejad; Fereshteh Behjat

Volume 17, Issue 67 , October 2008, , Pages 47-50

  Isfahan has been known for Zayandeh Rood, its “Maadees” (special ditches) and gardens from distant past, so that for the better utilization of this river, Sheikh Bahaee reformed the old regulations and its result was lushness and daily increasing prosperity since Safavid times to this day. ...  Read More

A Study of Conditions of Isfahan's Urban Passages in Terms of The Disabled's Access According to Existing Criteria and Regulations

Mas'oud Taghvaii; Golshan Moradi

Volume 15, Issue 57 , May 2006, , Pages 9-15

  The suitability of physical framework to achieve equal opportunities for all individuals and sectors of the population in order to move around the city and have access to all urban spaces is one of the essential elements of a community’s growth and development. It is now fifteen years since the ...  Read More