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Geographic Data
Residential property valuation using a hybrid fuzzy deep learning approach

Zahra Moradi; Mohammad Sadi Mesgari

Volume 32, Issue 126 , September 2023, Pages 7-27


  Extended Abstract-Introduction: The growing importance of housing is not hidden from anyone in terms of the profound and significant effects it has on the various social, political, and economic dimensions of countries; Therefore, accurate and reliable price estimation definitely facilitates policy-making ...  Read More

Remote Sensing (RS)
Identification of hydrothermal alterations in Muteh area, northwest of Isfahan, using satellite images

Keyvan Mokhtari; Hooshang Asadi Harouni; Mohammad Ali Aliabadi; Somayeh Beiranvand

Volume 32, Issue 126 , September 2023, Pages 29-47


  Extended Abstract 1- IntroductionAlteration is the simplest, cheapest and most suitable means of mineral exploration. The best way to find changes is to use satellite data processing.Asadi and Tabatabaei (2007) have used band ratio processing methods and false color images by using selected principal ...  Read More

Spatial planning with regard to military defense
Spatial analysis of defense-security planning in Khuzestan province

Ali Mohammadpour; Mohammadreza Eghbal; Afshar Hatami

Volume 32, Issue 126 , September 2023, Pages 49-73


  Extended AbstractIntroductionIn today's world, advances in science and technology have led to the emergence of the information revolution and advanced cognitive tools. Space satellites are capable of capturing the entire surface of the earth in great detail. At the same time, the development of electronic ...  Read More

Geographic Information System (GIS)
Developing a Conceptual Model of the Quality of Life in Cities with Emphasis on Housing Indicators - Case Study: 5 Regions of Urmia City

Mohammad Reza Pourmohammadi; Reza Karimi

Volume 32, Issue 126 , September 2023, Pages 75-92


  Extended AbstractIntroductionThe city, as human life, plays a fundamental role in creating a feeling of satisfaction, and in fact, it shapes the lifestyle of a person and determines the quality of his life. It should be noted that the quality of housing is directly related to the quality of life and ...  Read More

Extraction, processing, production and display of geographic data
Assessment of the effect of meteorological drought on the performance of vegetation in erosion control projects using Landsat satellite images

Masoud Eshghizadeh

Volume 32, Issue 126 , September 2023, Pages 93-113


  Extended Abstract Introduction The best and most effective way to control wind erosion is to increase vegetation to cover the land surface. The roughness of the land surface is increased by vegetation. Because it increases the friction that causes a decrease in wind speed on the surface of the ground ...  Read More

Efficiency of long-short term memory neural network model in prediction of ionosphere time series and comparison with GRNN, GIM and NeQuick

Seyyed Reza Ghaffari-Razin; Navid Hooshangi; Behzad Voosoghi

Volume 32, Issue 126 , September 2023, Pages 115-129


  Extended AbstractIntroduction The ionosphere extends from an altitude of 80 to more than 1000 km above the earth. Due to its electrical properties, this layer of the atmosphere has very important and fundamental effects on the electromagnetic waves passing through it. A parameter that can be used to ...  Read More

Spatial planning with regard to military defense
Analysis of defense-security locating of military bases with emphasis on the Holy Defense period - case study: Kermanshah province

Asieh Sepahvand; Ali Amiri; Alireaza Sepahvand

Volume 32, Issue 126 , September 2023, Pages 131-152


  Extended AbstractIntroductionDefense - security issues are always one of the most important factors in planning, and neglecting this important issue can have dire consequences in the national security of a country. So, Choosing the best location and defense-security locating of military bases has an ...  Read More

Spatial planning with regard to military defense
Vulnerability assessment of urban areas exposed to natural disasters - floods and earthquakes - using IHWP method in GIS environment

Maryam Robati; Sargol Karimi Saremi; Masoud Monavari

Volume 32, Issue 126 , September 2023, Pages 153-170


  Extended AbstractIntroductionOne of the most important issues that has always threatened human societies throughout history has been the occurrence of natural hazards. Hence, urban thinkers and planners seek to develop approaches to reduce urban vulnerability and increase resilience. District 1 of Tehran ...  Read More

Territorial conditions and security of border areas
Identification of areas prone to creating security defense infrastructure based on geomorphological parameters in the border strip of Khorasan Razavi province

kamyar Emami; Hamid Ganjaeian

Volume 32, Issue 126 , September 2023, Pages 171-182


  Extended AbstractIntroductionThe importance of the issue of security has caused the protection of borders and the defense of border areas to be considered by the rulers in all historical periods, and in a way, the protection of borders means the continuation of the governance system of each country. ...  Read More

Geographic Data
The effect of urban morphology on the intensity of urban heat islands; Case study: Tabriz

Iraj Teimouri; Akbar Asghari Zamani; Erfan Moharrampour

Volume 32, Issue 126 , September 2023, Pages 183-195


  Extended AbstractIntroduction: UHI is a phenomenon whereby urban regions experience warmer temperatures than their rural surroundings. UHI influences well- being and welfare Average energy consumption and consequently, pollution and social equity of cities. Many factors contribute to urban heat island ...  Read More