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Optimized placement of wireless sensor networks using global optimization algorithms and probabilistic model

Meysam Argany; Farid Karimipour; Fatemeh Mafi

Volume 27, Issue 105 , June 2018, Pages 5-21


  Extended Abstract                                                                              ...  Read More

Study of land subsidence due to the oil extraction using Radar Interferometry (InSAR)

narges fatholahi; Mehdi Akhoondzadeh Hanzaei; Abbas Bahroudi

Volume 27, Issue 105 , June 2018, Pages 23-34


  Extended Abstract Land subsidence is a vertical movement of the earth surface relative to a stable reference level. It occurs as a result of plate tectonic and human activities. The common causes of subsidence from human activities are pumping under-ground water, oil and gas from overlying reservoirs. ...  Read More

Monitoring, assessment and prediction of spatial changes of Land Use /Cover using Markov Chain Model (Case study: Shushtar- Khuzestan)

Maryam Mombeni; Hamidreza Asgari

Volume 27, Issue 105 , June 2018, Pages 35-47


  Extended Abstract Introduction In recent years, the growth of urbanization in Iran and the increase of migration to the major cities have led to the sudden and abnormal expansion of these cities, degradation of fertile lands and natural resources, and irreparable damages to the nature. As the population ...  Read More

Evaluation of SDSM model efficiency in simulating the average temperature of Kermanshah station

Hossein Asakereh; hadis kiani

Volume 27, Issue 105 , June 2018, Pages 49-62


  Extended Abstract Global warming and its consequence which occurs as climate change are of the world's major problems in the current century. Climate change and the warming of the earth have adverse effects on resources such as water, forests, pastures, agricultural land, industry and ultimately human ...  Read More

Climatic feasibility survey for the construction of solar power plants in Fars Province by Fuzzy Overlay and AHP methods using GIS

Ali Asghar Abdollahi

Volume 27, Issue 105 , June 2018, Pages 63-73


  Extended Abstract Introduction Most of the energy consumed in the world comes from fossil fuels. Combustion of fossil fuels enters a huge amount of sulfur and nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Continuous increases in greenhouse gas emissions and rising fuel prices ...  Read More

Mean dynamic topography model of the North Indian Ocean area using Remote Sensing Data

Mehdi Najafi Alamdari; Masoud Torabi Azad; Ali Hakimi

Volume 27, Issue 105 , June 2018, Pages 75-84


  Extended Abstract Introduction The Mean Dynamic Topography (MDT) of the seas is a quantity which comes from subtracting the Geoid Height (GH) from the Mean Sea Surface (MSS) at every point on the sea. The direction of geostrophic currents is obtained through the calculation of the MDT slope relative ...  Read More

Investigating the trend of fluctuations in annual precipitation and UNEP aridity index of climatic zones in the west and northwest of Iran

Taghi Tavousi

Volume 27, Issue 105 , June 2018, Pages 85-96


  Extended Abstract Introduction Land degradation process that affects the arid, semi-arid and sub-humid zones of the globe has been interpreted as desertification that great many debates have grown up around the concept. A fundamental debate has been whether desertification actually exists?  If ...  Read More

Estimation of the potential of building rooftops for the use of Photovoltaic (PV) systems in urban areas and its development in Web-based Geographic Information System- Case Study: Region 4 of Ahwaz

Kazem Rangzan; Nazanin Ghanbari; Mostafa Kabolizade; Poria Moradi

Volume 27, Issue 105 , June 2018, Pages 97-114


  Extended Abstract Introduction Energy is one of the essential components for industrial activities and the need of all people, therefore, its supply and demand is continually increasing in human societies. Population growth, its expansion and distribution, along with the ever-increasing human need for ...  Read More

The spatial analysis and optimization of rain gauging station network in Kurdistan Province using the Kriging Error Variance

arash zandkarimi; Davood Mokhtari; Shaida Zandkarimi

Volume 27, Issue 105 , June 2018, Pages 115-126


  Extended Abstract Introduction The prediction of the occurrence of floods and the reduction of damages caused by it is strongly influenced by the modeling of physical phenomena and the spatial-temporal distribution of precipitation. The purpose of the research was to optimize the rainfall gauging network ...  Read More

The review of determining the thermal comfort base temperature in different climatic regions in order to calculate the required Degree-Day index for cooling and heating

abdolazim ghanghermeh; Gholamreza Roshan; smaeil shahkooeei

Volume 27, Issue 105 , June 2018, Pages 127-143


  Extended Abstract Introduction One of the practical indices in determining required energy for providing climatic comfort is the degree day index. The total mean deviation of daily temperature of human comfort temperature (threshold temperature) is called degree day temperature that provides many ...  Read More

Investigating the salinity of water and soil and its relation with rough terrain using Fuzzy Model in GIS Environment - Case study: Syakh Darngun Watershed, West of Shiraz

Marzieh Mokarram; Saeed Negahban

Volume 27, Issue 105 , June 2018, Pages 145-157


  Extended Abstract Introduction Investigating the spatial andTranslation errorInvestigatingiiiii temporal variations of soil salinity plays a major role in managing the watershed and preventing the development of salinity (Mohammadi, 2007). Also, the study of groundwater salinity due to the complexity ...  Read More

Assessment of tourism comfort climate in Ardabil Province using TCI Index and GIS Technique

Mohammad Jafari; Mohammad Salmani Moghadam

Volume 27, Issue 105 , June 2018, Pages 159-170


  Extended Abstract Introduction Today tourism industry comprises a large part of global economy and it is changing into the biggest and the most profitable industry through the world. Many countries have included it in their strategies and planning. Ardabil province is one of beautiful tourist destinations ...  Read More

Identification and prioritization of urban deteriorated texture in order to reduce the earthquake-induced vulnerability - Case study: Region 5 in Esfahan

Mohsen Saghaei

Volume 27, Issue 105 , June 2018, Pages 171-182


  Extended Abstract Introduction The worn out textures are one of a variety of urban textures that are spatially unstable due to physical deterioration and inappropriate enjoyment and the existence of vulnerable infrastructures and are one of the main challenges facing most cities and especially metropolises. ...  Read More

Assessment of temporal-spatial variability of Heat Islands in relation to urban uses - Case study: Urmia City

Saeed Maleki; Ali Shojaeean; Ghasem Farahmand

Volume 27, Issue 105 , June 2018, Pages 183-197


  Extended Abstract Introduction Urban heating is one of the most well-known forms of local manipulation of the climate by mankind, so that changes in the use of land cover in urban areas can lead to an increase in urban temperatures relative to the air temperature in rural areas. This phenomenon has ...  Read More

Study of Iran’s monthly and annual Rainfall variations in different classes

Mostafa Karampoor; Zahra ZareiCheghabaleki; Mansour Halimi; Mostafa Nouroozi Mirza

Volume 27, Issue 105 , June 2018, Pages 199-217


  Extended Abstract Introduction Global warming and climate change are terms for the observed century-scale rise in the average temperature of the Earth's climate system and its related effects. Multiple lines of scientific evidence show that the climate system is warming. Many ...  Read More

Urban development locating with Fuzzy Logic, weighted linear combination and FANP Decision-Making Technique - Case study: Kashan City

bahare hajizade vadeghani; jahanbakhsh balist; saeed karimi

Volume 27, Issue 105 , June 2018, Pages 219-232


  Extended Abstract Introduction Paying attention to sustainable urban physical development in urban development programs indicates the importance of this issue in strengthening the cultural, social and physical aspects of the city. Developers in developing countries have deeply realized that infrastructure ...  Read More