A Generalized Frame for Cartographic Knowledge Representation

Document Type : Research Paper


Ph.D. Student of Geography, University of Tehran


Application of specialized systems is usually based on surveying needs of the day. Since the mid-1980s, researchers have been making efforts to materialize control and direction of map designing as well as utilization of specialized systems. The first step in expansion of specialized systems in map designing is to give a formal status to the method of map designing. The base of such regularization is the expressive methods of science. The aims of this paper include introduction and expression of new methods of designing maps, namely its simplification (GF). This method has been applied in design and preparation of a thematic atlas under the title “specialized system of designing thematic maps”. This new method improves the expressive abilities concerning science renowned as “framework in artificial knowledge”. It also includes the advantages of all other methods namely framework, rule of connection and manner of action in a specialized system of designing maps. 

Cartography Vol.25, Vol.25, No.2, December 1996 A Generalized Frame for Cartographic Knowledge Representation, by: Bo Su.