Document Type : Research Paper


1 Member of Faculty, Department of Geography, University of Isfahan

2 Master of Science in Climatology, University of Isfahan


In this study, data of eleven climate variables (wind direction, wind speed, dry temperature, wet temperature, relative humidity and station atmospheric pressure) for 9:00 GMT, which is equivalent to 12:30 in Iran, and the minimum temperature, maximum Temperature, total precipitation, evaporation and sunny hours of Tabas station during the years 1985-2004 were examined. Due to its proximity to the climatic middle of the day, it is a better representative of the weather conditions of a day. Therefore, we only used the data of this hour. In addition to examining the studied time, 3825 days had complete data for the variables mentioned. The matrix (3825 × 1150) was standardized, and then, a cluster analysis was carried out on this matrix, the length of which was the number of days and the width of the variables, and finally three synchronous weather types were obtained.

1- دین پژوه، یعقوب، پهنه بندى اقلیمى ایران با استفاده از تحلیل‏ هاى چند متغیره براى استفاده در مطالعات کشاورزى، مجله دانش کشاورزى، دوره 13، شماره 1،1383.
2- ریچارد آ، جانسون، دین دبلیو دیچرن، تحلیل آمارى چند متغیره کاربردى، برگردان: نیرومند حسینعلى، انتشارات دانشگاه مشهد 1379.
3- یارنال برنت، کاربرد اقلیم ‏شناسى در مطالعات محیطى،ترجمه مسعودیان، سیدابوالفضل، زیرچاپ.
4- علیجانى، بهلول، اقلیم‏ شناسى سینوپتیک، انتشارات سمت،1381.
5- علیجانى، بهلول، آب و هواى ایران، انتشارات پیام نور، 1379.
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